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Ten years of shoe king, he went to international brand from pullcart
From: Dongguan Xuan Yu Shoes Co. Ltd. Post date: 2021-03-23

In the past, many entrepreneurs got rich by seizing the opportunity of reform and opening up, but how many of them can survive today? Looking at how many enterprises can span up to now! Xu Jingnan, the founder of peak, emerged in that wave of trends. He took peak from a small processing factory to become an international sports brand. In the past 40 years, it has been full of difficulties. He said that it was easy to be a boss at that time, but now the market is changing, so we have to keep up with the times.

Xu Jingnan was born in a village in Quanzhou. He had lived in poverty since he was a child. Such hardships made him eager to get rid of poverty. So he began to make a living after graduating from high school. At that time, his family was close to the wharf, so he pulled a cart to make money. Hard work, but also let him earn the first pot of money, but also met many customers, small trucks have gradually become tractors, cars, and finally set up a transport team. But it's an unstable job after all. If there is no goods to pull one day, it means that he has lost his chance, so he turns his eyes to manufacturing goods.

With the trend of reform and opening up, large and small enterprises began to emerge. Xujingnan is no exception. He has opened slipper factory and packaging factory in addition to pulling board cars. There are many choices and ways to make money in this way. But if you want to be big and strong, you must have a clear potential goal. In 1988, when Nike went to Quanzhou for development, China and the West jointly established Quanzhou rubber shoes factory. Xujingnan was ready to cooperate with them immediately. Just as everything was ready, Nike left Quanzhou. This gave Xu a heavy blow, and also made him realize that he left the big brand, the affiliated factory is nothing, he is determined to create his own brand, and since then also has "peak".

Two years later, Xu Jingnan decided to build peak into an international brand. This bold idea is not empty talk. He has formulated a "six step" strategy for the realization of peak's internationalization. Soon after, peak passed the first batch of domestic enterprises that passed the international ISO9001 certification. In order to cope with the changeable market, Xu Jingnan and his two sons also formed a father son army to speed up the pace of entering the international market. In 2009, peak was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, but it was delisted in 2016. This is because listing is to realize the internationalization of the brand. Now the goal has been achieved, and delisting can make Xu Jingnan devote himself to brand building. At the same time, privatization can also serve the purpose of peak's century old family business.

It seems that the goal of one hundred years is very ambitious. It is not easy to take a type of brand as a lifelong career. Xu Jingnan thinks that sports brand will be his lifelong persistence. He and peak witnessed the growth of each other, and he also saw the market demand of sports brand. In the future, peak will not only be led by Xu Jingnan, but also by the Xu family, to a better position.

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