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Company Profile

 GUANG TAI MACHINERY FACTORY to start in the 80s, is in the shoes machine profession only the enterprise which simultaneously starts with the shoemaking profession, at present already developed into the domestic shoemaking mechanical profession the powerful well-known manufacturer. Many year development and the exploration enabled the broad too enterprise to have the modern management pattern, abundant technical force, excellent production equipment and advanced fabrication technology. Specially after introducing Germany's advanced production technology, the company has formed many kinds of advanced experimental platforms and the strict test method, its product is by “the technical essence, the scale is big, the product is new, the oral traditions are good, the prestige is high” the characteristic has formed the competitive advantage which does not have compares, best-selling in domestic and foreign, depth user high praise.
      in line with strives for perfection, the spirit which keeps pace with the times, will rely on “the technical guarantee quality, the detail achievement will be perfect” the enterprise creed, Guang Tairen will continue by the majestic breadth of spirit to challenge each kind of technical difficult problem, to create a better product to try hard.
      we welcome the world the customer friend incoming letter to come the electricity consultation inspection or the presence wholeheartedly Our company discuss the opportunity. We by the warmest service attitude, the product quality which most may trust, most gives preferential benefit the product price will create happy tomorrow with you.

  • Contacts:Mr. HuanTel: 086-0769-85998447
  • E-mail:guangtaixj@163.com
  • Address:Provincial highway 256 East bridgehead The 47th,Houjie town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China
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