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[shoe factory management] the director regrets that he didn't use these moves to manage the shoe factory
From: Dongguan Xuan Yu Shoes Co. Ltd. Post date: 2021-03-23

Management is a great knowledge, and it is the same in our shoemaking industry. And for the staff of the shoe factory, management is particularly important. They're like your backyard. There's a fire in the backyard. That's great. For example, the delay and laziness of shoe factories in catching up with large orders will inevitably delay the delivery date. Therefore, management is particularly important. Let's take a look at the aspects to start with.

The first thing to do is money. It's very straightforward. You don't have money. Who works for you? If the wages are not in place, the workers will not have morale when they work in the shoe factory. If they don't have morale, they will affect the delivery period. If they affect the delivery period, they will increase the cost. If you say it is true, the salary must not be in arrears. Then, when you can divide the Festival ceremony on holidays, you don't need to deduct the claim. It is better to send some holiday fees and so on. Although it is small and small, it will increase your feeling in the workers' hearts.

Salary treatment must be discussed in advance, it is best to sign an agreement or contract, so as to avoid some unnecessary trouble in the future.

Secondly, don't let the workers feel that you are superior to others. Don't put on airs in front of the workers. It's unnecessary. They all come out to earn money. Why? Try to tell your workers not to feel inferior. There is a big difference between happy work and unhappy work. You should always tell them in the workshop that we have no inferiority when we work with physical strength and skill, Some of their white-collar workers are not as well paid as ours! This kind of similar words will drive their enthusiasm and pride and make the team atmosphere positive.

If you work in a shoe factory, some of your relatives will say that they will help you. In fact, they will come to you for a living. This kind of thing must not use power for personal gain. What do you mean? It's about how much work you do, how much money you get, how much work you can do, and how hard you can't support lazy people. Because so many eyes are staring at you, it will have a very bad impact on the construction of the team. Moreover, your relatives may set up their own small gangs in the team under the pretext of your name, which will have a very bad impact. Therefore, business is the best thing for relatives and friends.

The living conditions of shoe factory are also more important. If you can do something well, do it well. It's not easy. Besides, people are meat. You are good to them. They will work hard. Try to cook the daily meal as well as possible. At least have some meat to eat. Finally, if there are many shoe enterprise teams, bring more leaders who can lead, and control the team leaders can control the whole team.

In general, we should put an end to the things that affect the morale of the team, maintain a good atmosphere in the whole shoe factory, and make money with peace, don't you think?

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