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2500 stores are closed in 361 degrees now! Why are they left behind?
From: Dongguan Xuan Yu Shoes Co. Ltd. Post date: 2021-03-23

2500 stores are closed in 361 degrees now! Why are they left behind?

I don't know when, the beautiful men and girls around them no longer pursue Anta, 361 °, the shoes brand on their feet have changed one wave after another, but they can not return to the fanaticism of 1989.

It is said that there is an unwritten despise chain in the sports shoes brand, which is Nike ADI, despised those wearing Li Ning and Anta, those wearing linin Anta and 361 ° special steps

Today, it is not important to despise the mean. What is important is that the high-quality brand is ready to continue to fly, but the slow brand is difficult to look forward to. The eye should fade out of people's sight.

Li Ning, after losing money for three years in a row, came to a national tide revolution, hired high-end designers to design new models, and opened several fashion weeks in New York and Paris, and was amazed to return to the national eye.

Anta has also taken an international route, continuously acquiring foreign brands such as Philharmonic and Archaeopteryx, and bringing fresh blood to Anta's design. Looking back at 361 °, it was left behind.

From the market value data above, the current market value of 361 ° is HK $2.915 billion, with special steps equivalent to 4.2 361 °, Li Ning equivalent to 14.5 361 °, Anta equivalent to 50.1 361 °, while the market value of 361 ° is nearly HK $16.1 billion at the peak of market value. The share price has been sliding like it has been on the slide, and has been steadily declining since October 2017. On August 1st, 2019, the monthly K line of 361 ° stock price was intercepted. Compared with the falling share price, it is more frightening that 361 ° shoes are not popular, and the offline stores close more than 2500 stores.

Once Jinjiang giant, one of the four domestic sports giants, why is it so far behind?

01 heavy gold brand remodeling, but ignoring the needs of young users

For most sports brand stores, inventory has always been a problem.

Most sports brands will choose to reduce the inventory by means of "factory stores" price reduction and direct sales. But in the eyes of consumers, this is undoubtedly a self - defeating sign.

361 ° also lacks strategic vision in dealing with inventory problems, and fails to keep up with young people, resulting in inventory accumulation and performance decline.

Immediately after the second half of 2018, the brand remolding plan was launched, which smashed 14 stars and 500 million advertising fees to try to reshape the brand image, trying to make the 361 bid farewell to the local flavor of the three or four line city, and throw it into the front line camp as soon as possible.

However, 361 ° has not hit the place. Until now, nearly 65% of the stores in 361 ° are located in cities below the third line, only 8.9% of users are in the first tier cities, while the video game advertising launched by 361 ° attracts too small groups of people and does not make it easy.

The only thing to be noticed is the 361 ° power on foreign running shoes.

In recent years, 361 ° has won many international awards and won good reputation of consumers in shoe design. However, the growth of this small area has made very limited contribution to the whole. In 2018, only 1.8% of the total revenue was accounted for by overseas market.

However, after the foreign running shoes are approved by users, they have not been enlarged quickly. Only by design to pull consumption, but ignore the transformation of the real needs of young users, the expensive price can only let more young people to step back.

On the contrary, Li Ning and Anta, why is the transformation beautiful and makes users extremely comfortable?

Li Ning in New York, Paris, excellent money, is also Li Ning spent a large price from international designers to create. But "show" also did not because they are show money on the high, raise the unit price of the passengers.

Anta is on another road. I don't have a middle and high-end brand, I will buy it. The acquisition of overseas brands, which makes up for the shortcomings of traditional brands, also gives Anta the right to speak in the high-end market.

02 super e-commerce traffic entrance, but it is regarded as "super dump"

The second mistake of 361 ° is to adjust the strategy online and go astray again.

As early as 2017, Anta's e-commerce business has grown at an overall speed of more than 60%. Li Ning has been online in recent years mainly engaged in the business of "China Li Ning Fashion Week", with no small increase.

While all major brands are running towards e-commerce as a whole, what is the 361 ° busy?

He used to publicize the flow entrance of his brand as a "super dump". After the stock crisis, a lot of tail goods and offline retail unsalable goods stored at 361 ° were sold online.

This thought that the problem of inventory was solved cleverly, but it was similar to blocking the online traffic entrance. Some young people who like online shopping, when they think of 361 °, they will be stereotyped to connect it with the tail goods. Over time, users will not give good reputation.

Then, after other brands have played achievements online, 361 ° is in a hurry. In 2018, the commission paid to e-commerce platform reached 120 million yuan, and more than 3000 tmall smart stores were also arranged in cooperation with tmall.

But these measures also cool the customer's heart again because of the following suspected "brush list" and other improper operation behaviors. When 361 ° went back to God to save, the leader had long left it behind.

In the rapid development of market economy, in the e-commerce mode, slow action is undoubtedly the biggest mistake.

03 focus on marketing of big events, but they are not big enough to keep away from the public

The electricity supplier bonus has not been able to keep up with it, trying to return to the national vision and get rid of the 361 degree of the local flavor temperament, and began to make a lot of efforts in marketing.

At the Jakarta Asian Games in 2018, Sun Yang, the spokesman of 361 ° did not take the stage to win the award in Anta Sports uniform according to the cooperation terms between Anta and China national team, but chose 361 of his own endorsement independently, which caused great controversy in the industry.

As soon as the incident occurred, 361 ° was hot searched. But behind the topic, it has not brought too much flow and benefit to the brand, because people's consumption has shifted from high cost-effective consumption to consumption upgrading.

Nowadays, more than 80% of users want to buy a pair of shoes and a sportswear. The first consideration is not which conference the brand sponsored, but is thinking whether the product content of the brand has touched me.

For example, when the retail sales were conducted in batch, it was the brand selling what users bought; now it is consumer retail, what is the turn of consumers and what the brand design and production.

So even if we have been tracking major national events and trying to increase the heat through international media, I never thought it was just moving away from a larger part of the consumer community step by step.

The fall of a brand may be just a moment, but it is enough to reflect some strategic issues. How to capture the hearts of young people again and regain the status of the old sports factory requires more consideration.

In recent two months, 361 ° has also played brand cross-border, and has issued 361 ° × CF joint products combined with the cross-border rocket TVC. It is necessary to find new market breakthrough in many ways.

No matter what brand or industry is written in the end, the most lethal is to stay away from users and do not understand users. Only by focusing on consumers and doing products beyond expectations, can we make the brand bigger and stronger.

In addition to thinking about the development of brands, we also expect more domestic brands to stand steady in the international market, change the new, drive new consumption, activate economy and lead the trend.

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