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Speculation in mining and real estate is out of date, and shoe speculation is the real fashion
From: Dongguan Xuan Yu Shoes Co. Ltd. Post date: 2021-03-23

Recently, the hot fire of fried shoes has swept the world of young people.

If the phenomenon of hundreds of meters teams in rain and stealing limited money at the entrance of shoe shop is still within the scope of minibus cognition, 300000 people participate in AJ shoe lottery and other news will make the baby Ba startled. With the rush to buy the upsurge, is the high price of shoes.

The minibus opens a pair of sneakers that sell at 1399 yuan on June 23, 2018, and has now been fired to between 10000 and 15000 yuan.

In addition, the feast of fried shoes also extends from offline Carnival to online large-scale trading, even spawning the secondary market of the shoe industry, and the first shoe stir fry exchange in the world has also been born.

This phenomenon also surprised Xiaoba for the insight of the social psychology book "the mob", whose author Gustav Le Pen predicted the mystery of group psychology more than a hundred years ago. This book is also the key content of this open class.

The core point of view of this book is that the group's intelligence is not necessarily greater than that of individuals, rationality has no influence on the group, and the group is only affected by unconscious emotion. Even if you are a very rational person, you will be affected by the emotions of the group in a ritualized group behavior.

It's not only their recognition of the value of a pair of shoes, but also their overwhelming pursuit on the Internet social platform, which is the power of the group. Shoe speculators and brands also use the psychological characteristics of "group irrationality" to harvest waves of leeks through various fancy marketing, and push the market forward step by step Bubbles.

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