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Machine and labor? This is the original factor for shoe enterprises to improve efficiency
From: Dongguan Xuan Yu Shoes Co. Ltd. Post date: 2021-03-23

In such a large factory, only more than ten workers operate the equipment on the assembly line, and it is a robot that transfers parts between the automatic production lines This is not a big movie shot, but the production scene of the digital workshop for safety shoes forming of seine Group Co., Ltd.

In November last year, Seine group launched the construction project of digital workshop for safety shoes forming, exploring the way of "intelligent manufacturing" to reduce the dependence of traditional shoe-making enterprises on employment, so as to achieve the purpose of innovation driven, staff reduction and efficiency. In March this year, the project was shortlisted in the first batch of intelligent manufacturing pilot projects in Ruian shoe industry.The traditional production line produces a pair of shoes, which needs to go through different workshops such as blanking, sewing, shaping, finishing and packaging, and needs manual handling. The automatic production line will open up the later production process with intelligent means, realize the integration of upper shaping, injection molding, finished shoes finishing and packaging, and greatly reduce the time and labor cost of secondary handling. In addition, the automatic production line no longer needs workers to carry, but is replaced by robots. In the past, it took a lot of manpower to carry, but now two AGV carrying robots are put into an automatic production line, which saves a lot of manpower cost. According to the preliminary budget, after the project is officially put into operation, the production efficiency will be increased by nearly 50%, the annual standard production capacity of single line will be 297000 pairs, and the annual output value will be 10.3752 million yuan.

Half of the workers saved in one assembly line

In contrast to the improvement of production efficiency of nearly 50%, it saves more than half of the labor. "By replacing labor with mechanical equipment, it is expected that a 27 person pipeline can be reduced to 12 people, and the cost of single line optical labor can be saved by millions of yuan." Taking the continuous injection molding process as an example, the process is complex. At least four or five workers are required to work on the array at the same time for manual operation. Now, after the equipment has been automatically and intelligently transformed, it is unnecessary to arrange the workers to complete the operation, and the working hours of single station are reduced from 28 seconds to 20 seconds.

In the specific production process, another change of digital workshop is that workers can monitor the information interconnection of production and processing equipment and the whole production process through on-site visual electronic Kanban, so as to realize visual, transparent and paperless management of production process.

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