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How to solve the problem of poor executive ability of employees
From: Dongguan Xuan Yu Shoes Co. Ltd. Post date: 2021-03-19

The growth of an enterprise is inseparable from a high-quality team, which is the core of an enterprise. The staff team plays a key role in the success of the enterprise. But at present, most enterprises are facing a common problem: staff work without enthusiasm!

At present, the low enthusiasm of employees is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Only do their own job, others can not do, work perfunctorily. 2, people in the job, the heart in the post. 3, afraid of doing things, afraid of losses. 4, only step by step, no sense of innovation. 5, poor teamwork, complaining about work, leadership

6. It's none of your business

So what are the reasons why the employees are not active?

1. the low salary and treatment results in the lack of enthusiasm and belonging to the work; 2. the work weariness and repeated work lead to the loss of the enthusiasm of the employees; 3. without good career development plan, the employees work in accordance with the work and lose the sense of freshness; 4. the company management culture problems lead to low loyalty of the employees;

5. the staff's own problems need the guidance of people.

There are many reasons for the low enthusiasm of employees, but they can be summarized as above. If we find out the reasons, managers can take the right measures to improve the enthusiasm of employees.

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