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New CEO of international brand takes office or is related to data transformation
From: Dongguan Xuan Yu Shoes Co. Ltd. Post date: 2021-03-19

Mark Parker, who has been the CEO of Nike for 13 years, will step down in January 2020. His position will be taken over by John Donahoe, a member of the board of directors, Nike announced on the 22nd local time.

Mark Parker, 64, has been with the Nike group since 1979. When he became CEO in 2006, Nike's stock price was still around $10. 13 years later, Nike's stock price has gone to $95, with a market value of $119.12 billion.

Some analysts say that the reason why Nike has performed so well in the past decade is largely due to the lack of substantive competition in the industry. In other words, Nike has not yet met a real rival, but now the situation is changing. In addition to the pressure of Adidas, the sportswear giant, Nike also needs to be alert to lululemon, the yoga clothing brand. In the most important market, China will face the challenges of Anta, Li Ning and other rising stars.

In this way, in order to accelerate the digital transformation and cope with the fierce market challenges, it is not surprising that Nike changed its leadership.

According to the data, John Donahoe once served as the CEO of eBay and is currently the president and CEO of servicenow, a cloud computing company. Nike said Donahoe will promote its digital transformation, which has become an important part of Nike's business strategy in recent years.

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