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The charm of Anta, the first Chinese brand to cooperate with the International Olympic Committee
From: Dongguan Xuan Yu Shoes Co. Ltd. Post date: 2021-03-19

On October 29, the International Olympic Committee held a ceremony at the International Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, and officially announced that Anta will become the official sports clothing supplier of the International Olympic Committee until the end of 2022.

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee and dingshizhong, chairman and chief executive of Anta Group, signed the contract on the spot. Anta will provide sports equipment including sports clothing, shoes and accessories for IOC members and staff under the contract. The cooperation period will include the Lausanne Winter Youth Games 2020, Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, Dakar Youth Games in 2022 and customized sports clothing for staff of the headquarters of Lausanne of the International Olympic Committee.

"We are very happy to announce this long-term agreement with Anta," Thomas Bach said

"We are very honored to be able to work with the IOC," Ding said at the signing ceremony. This is a witness of Anta's international development. Behind it is the rapid development of Chinese sports industry and the cultural confidence of Chinese sports brand. Anta's "never-ending" values are highly consistent with the Olympic spirit of "faster, higher and stronger".

We will take this opportunity to build a wider communication bridge between Chinese culture and Olympic culture. With the development of Anta brand in China and international market, we will continue to promote the Olympic spirit and culture in the world, so that Chinese consumers can feel the charm of the Olympic Games more closely, and integrate the sports spirit beyond ourselves into everyone's life. To contribute to the development of China and the world sports industry, and make great efforts to step on!

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